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Work 07: 9/25 (pair programming)

posted Sep 25, 2018, 11:30 AM by JonAlf Dyrland-Weaver   [ updated Sep 25, 2018, 12:37 PM ]
With your table buddy, write the following functions.
  • isEven
    • Has one number parameter
    • Returns #true or #false based on if the number is even.
  • isDivisible
    • Has 2 numeric parameters.
    • Returns #true if the first number is divisible by the second, #false otherwise.
  • isPalendrome
    • Takse 1 3-digit number as an argument.
    • Returns #true if the number is a palindrome (is the same backwards and forwards), #false otherwise.
  • noiseComplaint
    • Nick likes to listen to loud music while he codes. This is fine if it's during the day, but at night, from 8pm to 7am, Nick's roommate gets mad and complains.
    • Write a function that will take 2 arguments, the first is a boolean value representing whether or not Nick is playing loud music, the second is a number representing the hour of the day (in 24-hour format).
    • Returns #true if Nick's roommate will complain about the noise, #false otherwise.
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