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brown mykolyk

Miscellany for the 251 APCS crew.

Lab/Homework Assignments: APCS2-HW
Homework/Grade Server

CS DojoMonday-Thursday in 307, 3:40-5:00pm
The Answers You SeekCourse Q&A Forum
Free online textbookThink Java
Java practice: CodingBat
Java visualizer: UWaterloo because you want to trace, and you miss the Stepper...

Office hours: TBD. Appointment schedulers get VIP treatment.
Instructor email: mykolyk [at] stuycs [dot] org

Tool for generating flowcharts, diagrams:
Multi-purpose, multi-language, highly extensible code editor: Emacs (or Vim)
Collaborative coding environments, virtual hosts:  collabedit   cloud9   
Screen sharing utility: