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2019-05-13 Prototypes

posted May 13, 2019, 6:24 AM by Konstantinovich Samuel   [ updated May 29, 2019, 6:23 AM ]
-Proposals Due Today
-Finalize Groups
-Prototypes Due Thursday (Friday at the latest)
-Friday AP Exam

-Going through all proposals
-Seating with partners
-Project planning.

1.Prototypes (see specifications below)
2.Research features in processing:

    -The only coding you can code before prototypes are just testing ideas in processing.
    -Experiment on the side if you don't know how features work, do not experiment in your main branch. (e.g. If you don't know how to do transformations, make a simple sketch.Experiments on the side could include: 
        Moving an object around the screen with the keyboard.
        Learning how to rotate and scale objects (see transform2d link above)
    -After you experiment to learn a feature, you can design how you want to integrate it into your project.

2-3 copies by Thursday [100% must be handed in before the weekend]
1 copy per group member + 1 copy to hand in
Notes: Anything handwritten [except for labeled images] will not be accepted.

Page 1:
    -Partner names, period etc.
    -Group Name (be creative!)
    -Brief Project description (1 paragraph summary)
    -Expanded Description
        -Critical features (Minimum Viable Product) - What you want to have by mid week 2
        -Nice to have features - What you would want to have by the end
Page 2:
    -UML Diagram + Outline of how methods will fit together (depending on the style of project you may have more diagram and less outline or vice versa)
Page 3:
    -Development Phases/Stages
        -Each phase should have multiple bulletpoints and sub-points to make it easy to see what was completed via checking off things.
    -Ideas on how to break up the work
    -Leave some space between sections to add/edit the document.
    -Images can be included to help indicate your intentions.     

A SECOND prototype must be handed in at the end. This is to show the changes you made to the document. You may add new pages, but do NOT re-print the document, just make edits on the pages themselves. You may append additional pages if there are massive changes.