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posted May 8, 2019, 6:23 AM by Konstantinovich Samuel   [ updated May 29, 2019, 6:23 AM ]
If your group didn't fill out the repo form from yesterday, please do so (only one submission per group).
- Update the readme
    1. Pair programming work should be listed along with who was working in the pair.
    2. Communicate to me anything I need to know about the lab's development.
- I will try to figure out a way to give a group score and some individual score. Anyone absent 1-2 out of the 3 in class days should make sure they communicate with the group digitally to ensure they are contributing.
- It is reasonable to expect your work at home includes some communication with the group, and some coding of this lab.
- If one group member is doing too much of the work, please stop them. If they want to contribute to the group more, they can teach the other members to do more, but not add more personally.
- If one group member is not doing enough work because they are confused (not lazy/apathetic), please help them.

The normal deadline is Monday 8am. I don't expect you to work on it past Friday, you should be done. However I am granting the time to allow groups with missing/confused members time to contribute.

Final Version:
Each image file should be loaded ONLY ONCE. Your constructors should not use loadimage, your setup should. Pass the image into the object's constructors.
Your two Ball subclasses bounce/move around, in 2 clearly distinct ways.
Feel free to edit the setup to initialize things differently. This is required since you added new classess / new constructors.
It makes sense to perhaps differentiate your Ball subclasses visually as well. Make it look good!
Your LivingRock moves in a manner that differs from the balls.
Your Rock/LivingRock are image based and the LivingRock has eyes.
(There are 3 different movement styles required, figure out how to use an x/y speed, or even a x/y direction and an independent speed. This can help you make cool patterns)

-Random motion and single shapes are worth 0 points because they are 1-2 lines each and you could have written this on day 1: