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posted May 9, 2019, 6:29 AM by Konstantinovich Samuel   [ updated May 29, 2019, 7:50 AM ]
Final Project Information:

    In class + homework - find partner by Friday.
13th Monday:
    Proposals[3] - Have 3 project ideas with 1-3 sentence descriptions. Printed, with both group member's names + period on top.
16th/17th Thursday/Friday:
    Prototype[17] - Description, UML , Development stages,
17th Friday:
    Coding start. Any code written before a prototype is submitted will be counted AGAINST your grade.
5th Wednesday:
     Final Project Due [50], Demos begin[10] 
        General Project Requirements
        - Regular git commits over the ENTIRE project time.
        - Readme with description + development log.
        - In class demo (clearly prepared, demonstrating working features and communicating clearly the scope of the project)
        -The project itself must demonstrate an understanding of OOP, and minimally use at least one significant data structure / algorithm which you should highlight in the documentation.

14th Friday: Quiz[18] (Hashtables)

All deadlines are now very hard deadlines.
I will clone all final projects on the 5th. If you pull new code you will incur a penalty. 
ALWAYS maintain a 'working' version of the code in one of your branches
After the 1st week, if I ask you to show me the latest working version you should be able to demo something.
If your project is totally broken on the 5th, you didn't develop it as per these guidelines.


Given int[][]data

data.length = m
data[i].length = n (all are the same)

data[i] contains values that are strictly less than the values in data[i+1]

data = [ a, b, c, d, e]
Array a contins values that are all less than the values in b.
Array b contains values that are all less than the values in c. etc.