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2018-02-02 HW01 Recursion

posted Feb 2, 2018, 9:56 AM by Konstantinovich Samuel   [ updated Feb 11, 2018, 6:32 PM ]
Goal: Basic Recursion + Getting stuff done!

Lab + Homework:
Deadline is Tuesday 6am.

Lab: Discussion and working on Recursion2 problems.

Make a new github repo for this semester's homework.  MKS22X 
You will make a new folder on the TOP LEVEL OF YOUR REPO* for each homework starting with a 2 digit homework number. *Do not make a folder and put all of your homework assignments into it. The repo IS your "folder".


Submit your repo here:  

Recursion with Helper Methods
The purpose of a helper method is to be able to add parameters and modify them as you make new recursive calls. Just a single parameter isn't enough to solve it in linear time.

Let us solve this recursively as a warmup:

public static int sumZeroToN(int n){


public static int sumAtoB(int a,int b){


LAB 01Recurison:

You are writing a class called Recursion for grading purposes this must be exact.
IMPORTANT NOTE: The methods will NOT be static. I will instantiate a Recursion object to test your code.  

1.1 You are solving several problems recursively and storing them ALL in one java file:

Note that All of the methods will throw an IllegalArgumentException when n < 0. 

1.1a: factorial [aka do you even recursion?]

public int fact(int n)

Hint; What is 0 factorial?

1.1b Fibonacci [Function should be O(n) ]

public int fib(int n)

fib(0) -> 0
fib(1) -> 1

1.1c: Square Root

public double sqrt(double n)

Now to think a little:

Newton's Square Root Approximation:

There is a formula to calculate square root
Guess any number for the sqrt of n. (like n/2, or even 1)
n = 100
guess = 1

Make a better guess this way: 
guess =  ( n / guess + guess) / 2

             = 50.5

(then do it again, then do it again)
guess = 26.24009900990099
guess = 15.025530119986813
guess = 10.840434673026925
guess = 10.032578510960604
guess = 10.000052895642693
Notice how fast this converges on the correct value (10).

Watch it converge on Sqrt(2)

** Again, you MUST make a helper function because you have to keep track of both n, and your guess in the recursion. This means that you need a function with two parameters, even though the sqrt function only takes 1 parameter.

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