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2017-04-19 HW

posted Apr 19, 2017, 6:55 AM by Samuel Konstantinovich
AP baron's review book: (an older one for more practice questions!)

In school:

Outside of school:
google this, and it will be the 2nd result:  
ap computer science baron's book pudaloff

Regarding the AP:
We will do some AP review! 
We are not focussing on AP review. If you want to do your best, you must do a significant amount of review on your own.
The AP Exam always has simple solutions to the coding section, keep it simple, don't over-engineer solutions.
Review your AP documentation, what is/isn't on the exam.
I strongly recommend you read through any new-ish baron's book if you haven't done so. The old ones are fine, but may have slightly out of date class definitions.
As always: there is no grid world! Ignore it.

For AP Practice Multiple choice Questions: 
- Time yourself! 
- Write all of your choices, and any scrap work you did on looseleaf. 
- Try to do it in 2 sittings giving yourself the correct amount of time total. 
- Go over the solutions after. Put a STAR next to questions you need to discuss in class. Write a note about why you were confused.

Homework: (Due Tuesday April 25th - Discussion day for any AP questions)
Diagnostic Exam A ( Starts on PDF page 19)
Multiple Choice Questions 1-33  (34-40 are not on the AP and not part of this class)

Homework: (Due next Friday April 28  but you can start working on it if you have time)
Practice Exam 3 (starts on PDF page 627)
Multiple Choice Questions 1-34  (35-40 are not on the AP and not part of this class)