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posted Mar 17, 2017, 7:15 AM by Samuel Konstantinovich
Professor Perlin offered access to his labs for interested Stuy students. This would be great for any student that would want to do some augmented reality work. Send me an email if this sounds interesting. I misrepresented this offer last time so please send another email if you are still interested!
"On Monday, 3/20 at 4pm in room 307, Phillip Compeau, a professor at Carnegie Mellon University will be giving a video talk about Computational Biology. The talk should be a primer on Computational Biology, while also talking a bit about CMU’s brand new major in that field that they are launching in the fall of 2017. I think this is going to be a good talk and a chance for the juniors to see another potential field in CS. Please advertise it to your AP classes."
If you are looking for a college rec from me here are some requirements and guidelines:
[You can always discuss specifics with me these are not absolute rules]
 -I require that you are applying for a CS (or closely related) major
 -I require that you have some combination of: 
     Outstanding performance, 
     Involvement in the CS community, 
     Work on CS related projects outside of the required classwork.
 -Ask me after the AP, before final projects/finals. That is a much calmer time of the year.