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posted Nov 2, 2017, 8:24 PM by Konstantinovich Samuel
Look at the ArrayList:

Notice that it has the same methods as the SuperArray, but it works with any object type!!!

Part I. Practice with the following: (print out after each set of commands)
1. Create an ArrayList of Strings
2. Add the strings "A" through "Z" (all the letters in caps)
3. Replace the vowels with lowercase versions. (Hint, don't count, use the methods to help you figure out position!)
4. Remove Q R S and T from the list. 
5. Move B C and D to the end of the list. 

Part II. 
Complete CodingBat String-3

Part III.
Finish and submit your OrderedSuperArray on the homework server. 

Part IV. (Optional!) Twice a year we participate in the Pclassic competition at UPenn.
November 18th is this semester's competition.
The cost would be $30 per student for the chartered bus. 

Most of you would want to do the NOVICE problem set. 
It is dangerous to go alone take this:
If you want to go, try one problem set by yourself and see what you can do. THEN make a team of 4 people sit down with your team to try to solve another problem set.
You will be much more prepared and confident if you practice!!!!