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posted Dec 18, 2017, 9:34 AM by Konstantinovich Samuel   [ updated Dec 19, 2017, 9:12 AM by Samuel Konstantinovich ]
Jan 3rd in class: Prototype due + First Commits
Jan 16th 8am: Demo Commit. You must make a branch called Demo (discussion later!)
Jan 16th - 19th Demos
Jan 22nd - Final Commit, Your main branch 

-Final Project Lab time: (3 days + 5 days)  Minus a couple of mini-lectures, and 1 quiz. 
    3th-5th lab time
    8th-12th lab time
-The last 4 days of class are demos. You do not get class time. 
    16th-19th demos
    I will ask you to change to your demo branch for this!

Regarding final projects:
The following things will NEVER hurt your grade, but can help you get your project done. Please let me know RIGHT AWAY if:
    -your partner is non-cooperative, you cannot work together effectively.
    -you and your partner cannot resolve a disagreement.
    -you are stuck on something

Deadline: Wed after you get back from break, it can be updated afterward, but I want to see that you have it. 

NO CODE: Until you hand in the prototype there should be absolutely NO CODE! This is a design process. 
You can experiment with different NetLogo features and try making mini-models as a 'working prototype' but nothing you do before the official start counts. 

Grade: This will be 20% of your final project grade. It should look like you put serious effort into it. 
If it looks like you did this assignment on the train coming to school or rushed it the night before, I will grade you accordingly. 
Diagrams can be printed images, or hand drawn. Both of you should PROOFREAD the entire document.

Hand drawn does not mean you can draw like a 5-year-old.
    -Take time to draw what you want to show. You don't have to draw everything (just the world, or include the buttons as you choose.)
    -Use a ruler for straight edges! This makes it look much better. (No ruler = you didn't care)
    -Please use reasonable paper! (Drawing on wrinkled looseleaf = you didn't care)

The purpose of the document is to:
   a. Come together with your partner and make a clear picture of what you BOTH want to do. 
   b. Explicitly describe the behavior of your project so I can tell you if there are potential problems. 
   c. Make clear expectations public so you have guidelines to follow and don't cut features for no reason.
   d. Have the document in class when you are working so I can reference it when I see your group.

The 2nd page (and onwards) is SUPER important
Development Stages
    -A timeline of features to be added, prioritized by importance and feasibility.
    -It is ok to fall behind schedule. 
    -It is OK to modify this.

Drawings include UML diagrams! 
    This is most important for a java based project.

Keep it out in class:
    -Print one for me, and one for each of you. 
    -You must have it out at all times.

Evolving document:
    -You may ADD to it, but do NOT remove old pages. 
    -You may mark sections as outdated, and that they are replaced later. 
    -The goal is to see the evolution of your project over the 2 weeks. 

Prototype Format Document has a cover page format, but the rest is not a sample. The rest details what should be in the prototype.