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2017-09-14 HW

posted Sep 14, 2017, 10:14 AM by Samuel Konstantinovich
Do Now: 
Share your coding bat work with me by completing your profile.
Your name should Be:   xx,Last,First   where xx is 06,09, or 10 depending on your period. No spaces!
After you set your profile name, share your work with

Then complete Logic-1   ->  in1To10

Did you use an if statement? If you did, try again without an if statement. Just return the boolean.
DO NOT do this:
if( boolean ){
 return true;
 return false;

INSTEAD you SHOULD do this:
return boolean;

Lets make some bricks:



Non-CodingBat self assessment: (if you can do this,  you are on track! )
-Create a java program with a class name of HomeworkTest
-Create two functions, celsiusToFahrenheit and fahrenheitToCelsius
-What should the functions have as parameter(s) ? What type should they be?
-What should the functions return?
-Compile and run as you write this, using a main function to run and test your two functions.