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Try this basic Github tutorial to explain things you may already know:    

Branching tutorial:
Always keep your best working version in the master branch, and semi-working code in your development branches. 
This means I will just clone your master branch when the demo-able version is due! 

Suggested (but not required) Book:
    Barron's AP Computer Science A , 8th Edition
    Good practice, useful explanations of java concepts.

12-20 (Thurs): Proposals Due.
01-03 (Thur): Prototypes Due, Project Coding Starts.
01-04 (Fri): Exam. 
01-14 (Mon): Final Project Demo Commit. I will clone in the morning.
    14-18th class time demos (4 groups per day so you can still have face time on project)
01/22 (Tues):
    Final Exam.
    Final Project Due. No More Final Project commits.

Prototype Requirements

note: Diagrams should be included to illustrate your features, you can use plain text (ASCII art) or hand draw them.

Front Page:


Group Members                 Period ___
Group Name                    Group ____ (leave blank)


    Project Name

    Project Description: An overview of what you plan to make.

    Include a summary of features for each of the milestones below:
  • minimum viable product
  • expected product
  • If you have extra time
New Page:

UML Diagram
- your expected class structure, this will certainly evolve over time.

New Page(s):

Development Stages
  • What is the order that you plan to implement features
  • How do you plan to break up the work
  • What features are dependent on other features (A tree like timeline can be a useful diagram here)